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Double Walls
  • Double wall manufacture is based on automatic production system, therefore overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.
  • Perfectly smooth surface on both faces is achieved during the manufacturing process which can be painted directly.
  • Total wall thickness up to 400mm can be achieved.
  • Double walls can be used as standard cantilever retaining walls or more commonly, propped cantilever retaining 3alls depending on design requirements, making them ideal for basement retaining walls, and internal structural walls.
  • Up to 16mm diameter reinforcement in both faces of solid wall can be catered for.
  • Walls can be used as shear walls within a multi-storey building.
  • Fully converted connections at the end of the precast double walls provide the required sound rating.
  • Because of the reduced overall width of the precast section, ( max 150mm), wall length can be increased up to 12m while keeping wall weight to a minimum thus reducing the requirement for large crane capacities.
  • Vertical ties are easily catered for on site because of initial hollow infill section between the precast wall sections, thus increasing the tolerance on starter bars cast into insitu foundations etc.
  • M16 sockets are precast into panel face to take diagonal push pull props on site thus increasing erection speed and reducing damage to panel at site.
  • Continuity between insitu structural concrete, (i.e. main reinforced items or structural screeds on precast slabs), and the precast wall, and provides an almost monolithic connection, at the wall extremities.
  • Additional mesh or light cage reinforcement is provided within the double wall, at vertical joint connections providing a more stable and rigid structure.

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