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Solid Walls
Double Walls
Filigree Slabs
External Cladding Panel
Boundary Walls
Sandwich Panels
Wire Mesh
Lattice Girder
Special Elements
External Cladding Panel
  • Single layer or mesh reinforcement in all panels, additional reinforcement over windows and doors are required.
  • Up to 16mm diameter reinforcement in solid cladding panel can be catered for.
  • Cast in galvanized Halfen fixing in trowel face of wall panel for mechanical fixing to building.
  • Up to 50mm localized recesses can be catered for without decreasing the structural integrity of the panel.
  • Panel lengths up to 10m, panel height 3.15m.
  • Stainless steel dowel connection between panels at each floor level to cater for horizontal shear.
  • Colouring of concrete does not affect the structural integrity of finished cladding panel.
  • 150mm wide sold cladding panel manufacture is based on an automatic production system, therefore overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.
  • Perfectly smooth surface on the outer or visible faces is achievable during the manufacturing process which can be rendered prior to delivery to site.
  • All door and window sizes can be catered for within the wall panel, additional reinforcement is automatically used to prevent cracking around opes.
  • Site specific or standards window and door reveals on jambs heads and stills can be achieved during the manufacturing process.
  • 15mm chamfered edge to visible face as required.

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