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Filigree Slabs
  • Spans up to 8m, simply supported (depending on loading).
  • Widths up to 2.4m, therefore large areas can be camber, and no differential camber between adjacent units.
  • Slabs are cast on steel flat surface therefore no camber, and no differential camber between adjacent units.
  • Max 75mm precast section acting as permanent shutter and cast in projecting lattice girder increasing shear capacity.
  • Total slab depths generally up to 275mm.
  • Increased structural screed depth, providing a more monolithic connection between slab and beams or walls.
  • Continuity over internal wall supports is easily achieved, therefore increasing the bending cement capacity on internal spans.
  • Reinforcement up to 16mm diameter can be placed at any centres within the depth of the precast section.
  • Reinforced beams within the depth of the total floor slab, and steel slim floor beams are easily catered for with this type of floor construction.
  • Because of the increased depth of the structural topping, mechanical and electrical inserts and conduits can be easily catered for within the depth of slab.
  • The slab design is based on a 3D modelling system: therefore more complicated layouts are easily designed to provide optimum slab width thus increasing speed of erection on site.
  • Service opes and notches are easily catered for within the precast section and can be additionally reinforced within the insitu topping to increase rigidity around ope.
  • Slab manufacture is based on an automatic production system, therefore overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.
  • Isocorb or shock system for cantilever balcony supports is ideally suited for the filigree slab system.

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