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Adraj Holding Company is an investment company headquartered in the city of Khobar. Established in Oct. 2005, with the objective to grab the emerging opportunity from the fast development in Saudi Arabia and the accompanying surge in construction activities and the underlying infrastructure and become a leading company in the fields of manufacturing, construction and real estate.

Business Units:

Al Abniah Precast Concrete Buildings Factory:
Specialized in the manufacturing of precast concrete using the latest technologies available for production systems, equipment, and techniques to engineer, produce, deliver and install the highest quality products with the minimum required human resources input such as: Architectural Cladding, Internal Walls, Hollow Core Slabs, Structural Elements, Boundary Walls, and Miscellaneous Products.

Tamdid Pipes:
Specialized in the manufacturing of (GRP) glass reinforced polyester and (GRE) glass reinforced epoxy pipes, fittings and accessories.

Zomorod Real Estate Investment Co.:
A company specialized in real estate activities, including buying,
management, development, operations and services.

Awzan Transportation Co. Ltd.:
Transportation and logistics services.


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