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Alabniah brings you customized WIRE MESH, the quick response for your welded reinforcing elements needs. This custom made wire mesh brings speed and efficiency to your construction projects.

The Alabniah customized wire mesh is executed for the production of welded reinforcing elements with a maximum size up to 4.2m x 12.3m. Wires with diameters range from 6mm up to 12mm can be flexibly combined within one sheet.
The plant is equipped with a control system which allows the fully automated production of special meshes based on CAD data, to be received from a host computer. It requires absolutely no changeover time between two different mesh styles.
While the geometry of sheets is determined by CAD data, the number of welding points is fixed by the control system of the welding machine and can be defined flexibly( e.g. 100% or 50% points per sheet are welded). The line can produces sheets with window cut-outs of any shape.

Production flow.
The welding machine features durable transformers and busbars for the supply of exactly controllable welding current.

Production data
Reinforcing bar specification:                                      ASTM A497 – Weldable Deformed Bar
                                                                                                Yield Strength = 485 Mpa.
                                                                                                Tensile Strength = 55 Mpa

                                                                                  ASTM A185-Weldable Plain Bar
                                                                                                Yield Strength = 485 Mpa
                                                                                                Tensile Strength= 55- Mpa

Wire diameter:                                                       6,8,10,12 mm
Minimum cross wire spacing                             30 mm
Maximum length:                                                   12.3 m
Minimum length:                                                    0.5 m
Cutting tolerance:                                                   +/-5mm
Straightness:                                                           0.3 x d, but max. 3mm per meter
Length of cross wires:                                           500 mm – 4,200 mm.
Length of line wires:                                               500 mm – 12,300 mm
Minimum elements:                                                500 x 800 mm
Maximum elements:                                               4,200 mm x 12,300 mm


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